DRAMAC is proud to present its Double Bill Production of 'A Good Nerd's Quest' and 'DDUSB'.

A Good Nerd’s Quest is a slice-of-life piece exploring the personal trials, tribulations and motivations of the contemporary nerd. What do we get out of all this? Why do we roleplay? What is it about this simple hobby that brings so many people in all walks of life together? This play delves into the interpersonal relationships and conflicts that revolve around what might seem like just a fun game with friends, revealing that underneath a silly exterior lies a great deal of heart and depth. A Good Nerd’s Quest aims to demonstrate just how much impact a couple of hours a week can have on people’s lives, and how the rest of that week can drastically alter that couple hours spent at the roleplaying table, for better or for worse. Ultimately it’s more than just a fun game, and this production seeks to discover why that is.

D.D.U.S.B. is a cyberpunk action-thriller that takes place entirely inside a small basement, exploring themes of dystopia, transhumanism, and the human condition. How much is our pride, our dignity, our integrity, worth to us that we’ll sacrifice everything just to hold on to it? Derek and Daria are two computer hackers trying to make a difference in a bleak, uncaring world, exposing the machinations of the tyrannical mega-corporations that seek to control humanity with unquestioned authority. Just two blips in Cyberspace, they fight against impossible odds. So far they’ve kept below the radar, engaging in petty digital heists on smaller targets. But what is this accomplishing? One-day, a sleazy criminal and a confused android turn up at their doorstep, dragging with them the opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to finally make a real difference. It’s a minimal chance, and it’ll almost certainly cost them everything, but that has to be better than doing nothing. Isn’t it?

Preview: 12th September
Show Dates: 13th - 16th September

Time: 8pm

Location: Lighthouse Theare, Macquarie University

Booking Link: https://dramac-presents-3point5.eventbrite.com.au/

Production Team:
Director/Writer: Andrew Fallon
Assist. Director: Simon Emmerson
Producers: Ben Jesse and Patrick Gallagher
Creative Consultant: Sam Howes
Costumes: Tess Watty and Gabrielle Van Der Deijl
Stage Manager: Seamus Mckillop
Tech Operator: Arti Ram

Cast Lists
A Good Nerd's Quest:
Ash: Georgie Buley
Jayne: Emily Middleton
Cam: Tara Dunch
Reilly: James Miller-Argue
Mel: Tommy Joyce
Shadows: Leon Carlos Gonzalez, Sabrina Kirby

Derek: Keenan Hennessy
Daria: Lara Balken
Ulysses: Nick Tremaine
S-B: Connie Clarke