To the esteemed patrons of the arts,

The distinguished fellowship of the Macquarie Dramatic Society presents an evening of high-brow hijinks that is determined to leave each guest with no choice but to twirl the utmost tip of their moustache and aerate the folds of their satin neckwear with glee. That’s right, the Comedy Revue is back and once again eager to showcase the finest quality of japes, antics, anecdotes, sketch comedy and even a rather naughty splash of improvisation. 

And until that time I say to you, good day!

Josh Archbold
Alec Zhao-Culpan
Anthony Lovett
Michael Haratzis
Mai Sakura Uchino
Madeline Smith
Simon Emmerson
Julz Gapon
Beth Hennes
Phil Playoust
Diana Kazakov

Dates: Tuesday the 14th - Saturday 18th August
Where: Lighthouse Theatre, Macquarie University